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Client Reviews & Testimonials

CNC Machinist Finds Himself Disabled and Unable to Work

Jeffrey was a CNC Machinist for forty years. He noticed numbness and tingling in his limbs and later found out he was diabetic and had polyneuropathy. Being unable to work left him without income. He called on Balin Law for help.

Balin Law Client Testimonial From Cheryl W.

Cheryl has neck and back pain due to bulging discs along with carpal tunnel that left her unable to work. Read why she left the previous disability firm she was working with and hired Balin Law for her disability case.

Balin Law Client Testimonial From Linda B.

Linda suffers from migraines, degenerative disc disease and arthritis. After waiting nearly four years for disability benefits, she decided to hire a law firm for help. Find out why she hired Balin Law.

Diagnosed with a Disability but Are Denied Disability Benefits

Wendy knew she was disabled but was denied disability benefits. She could barely get out of bed and the thought of trying to file for disability benefits again, or make an appeal, made her even more exhausted. She knew she needed help and decided to call on Balin Law. Read Wendy’s story.

Disability Benefits for Cement Masons

Charles was a cement mason who was denied disability benefits before hiring Balin Law. Read Charles’ story and his experience hiring a firm that helped him win disability benefits.

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