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The Importance of Good Communication with Your Medical Providers

October 31, 2022

Strengthening your disability case includes effective and consistent communications with your medical providers.

Balin Law Disability Attorney, Mira Chopra explains.

The following post is adapted from the transcript from this video:

Hi, my name’s Mira Chopra. I’m with Balin Law, and I’m here to talk to you about helping to strengthen your disability case.

“But it’s obvious that I’m disabled!”

We all feel when we are going through this process that it is so obvious that we are disabled, and how could anybody deny that we’re disabled? They just take a look at us. That’s the problem. In Social Security disability cases, everything is being done behind the scenes. It’s paper examiners. It’s people in a room that don’t know you. They don’t see you. They have no pictures of you. They don’t know how you live your life. So the name of the game in winning a disability case is documentation. Documentation is the name of the game.

Medical Documentation for Disability Claim

So how do you get good documentation? First, what you need to do is make sure you have good treating relationships with your medical providers. And second, you want to make sure that you’re communicating with your medical providers, not only at your appointments, but also through their electronic communication systems.

Most major hospitals have electronic communication systems. You must be familiar with things like MyChart or MyRecord. Different hospitals systems, call it different things. What I suggest you do is start communicating at least on a monthly basis with your medical providers and with all of your medical providers about what your problems are in between visits. That way it gets documented.

Electronic Communication Creates Documentation

You may think that your doctors are writing down all the stuff that’s happening to you when you’re at the appointments, but very frankly, they don’t have time to write it all down. But if you write it down for them and get it into your MyChart, it’s going to be a much more persuasive thing. First, the doctors or the medical providers will understand that you are serious about your condition and you want treatment and you’re willing to put the time and effort in to trying to get better. That documentation gets sent to the judges and the disability examiners, so you are developing a much stronger case when you engage in that kind of back and forth communication with your doctors.

Then what you’re going to want to do is print out all your MyChart notes, the strings of conversations that you have and provide them to the disability examiners through Social Security. Or if you hire us to help you, we will provide them directly to Social Security for their review in part of the decision making so that you can have a higher chance of success and win your case quicker.

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