Can I Collect both Social Security and Workers’ Compensation?

Claimants often ask if they can collect Workers’ Comp and disability at the same time. The short answer is yes, but there are stipulations. Disability attorney, Chad Delesk explains what your options are. Video Transcript So you’ve been injured at work and you’ve applied for both Ohio Workers’ Compensation benefits and SSDI benefits. The common […]

How Much Can You Get In Disability Benefits?

“How much can I get for disability benefits?” is a very popular question people ask when looking at options for income when a disability is present. Wondering how much one can receive is valid as many claimants suffer financially from their disabling condition(s) and cannot work like they once could. Paulette Balin, Principal Attorney at […]

How Does A Disability Lawyer Get Paid?

Many people wonder how a Social Security disability lawyer gets paid. Many claimants go to the Social Security Administration’s website and apply for disability benefits themselves. Unfortunately, many who file a disability claim alone find themselves receiving denial after denial. Filing for Social Security disability is a long process that many find frustrating; Especially when […]

Ohio Medicaid expansion aids Balin Law clients

Earlier this year, Ohio Governor John Kasich expanded Medicaid eligibility for all state residents, adding to several existing financial assistance programs Balin Law clients can apply for while waiting for a ruling on their case. Prior to the Medicaid expansion, Medicaid eligibility was provided to those with minor children or those found “disabled” by the […]