How to Fill Out the SSA Function Report

Matthew Shupe explains how to fill out the Adult SSA Function Report form (SSA-3373) to strengthen your disability case.

Social Security Disability Eligibility

  Many people wonder if they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. For one to qualify for disability benefits, one must have a working history in jobs that Social Security covers. Additionally, one must have a disabling condition that’s under the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability. How does the Social Security Administration find […]

Why Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

    “I worked hard all my life. A lot of money came out of my paychecks for Social Security. Now that I can’t work, my case should be awarded. Why should I spend money on hiring a lawyer?”   That’s a fair question. The short answer is hiring a lawyer knowledgeable about Social Security […]

How To File For Social Security Disability Benefits

Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits You sustain a crippling injury. Or maybe you or your child are diagnosed with a chronic debilitating illness. Or maybe time has caught up with you and you can no longer do what you used to do either physically or mentally or both. Your limitations are mounting and you struggle […]

The Importance of Your Alleged Onset Date (AOD) For Social Security Disability Claims

An alleged onset date is important in disability cases. The date you became unable to work is one of the most important pieces of information you tell  the Social Security Administration (SSA) when you file a disability claim. The SSA will be looking at that date very carefully to determine why you chose it. What is […]