How Can Balin Law Help You Win Your Disability Case?

Did you know that hiring a Social Security disability lawyer can help improve your chances of winning? Balin Law attorney Matthew Shupe offers Social Security disability claimants some top ways to increase chances of winning a disability claim or overturning a denial on appeal.

Social Security Disability Requirements

How do you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSD”)? In order to apply for SSD benefits, you must have worked in the past and have earned a sufficient amount to become insured for SSD benefits. As an individual works and pays Social Security taxes they are able to earn one quarter of coverage […]

How To Stay Afloat When Waiting For Social Security Disability Benefits

Staying afloat while you wait for a disability claim to be approved is an important topic to discuss. When a person becomes too disabled to work, he or she still needs a place to live and food to eat. While waiting for the disability decision, saved funds can run out fast. So, if you can’t […]

Balin Attorneys Use “Congressional Interest” to Aid Clients

While the federal government offers multiple programs for disability compensation, bureaucracy can be a challenging obstacle to overcome when awaiting a decision on a case. In these situations, any time a constituent feels like they’re getting a raw deal, they can contact their congressperson and have a pending case marked as one of “congressional interest.” […]

Balin’s winning strategy pays off

Disability in AmericaThe increased prevalence of disability in the U.S. today cannot be overstated. According to the Social Security Administration, disability claims in 2013 totaled 2,640,100 – nearly twice as many as in 2000.“We’re faced with a time when the baby boomer generation has been aging out,” said Matt Shupe, associate attorney at Balin Law. […]