Civil Rights and Injustice this Juneteenth

We at Balin Law are taking a moment to consider civil rights and injustice this Juneteenth.    The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd were unjust and unlawful. Their deaths were needless and preventable. These individuals are only the most recent examples of African-Americans being battered by a legal system that is sworn to protect and serve all.     […]

When will I find out if I won my case?

As taxing as hearings with an administrative law judge (ALJ) can be, sometimes the wait for a verdict to render is just as – if not more – trying.   Unfortunately, there’s no set timetable for ALJs when it comes to reaching a decision. Each judge adheres to his or her own schedule that neither attorneys […]

Balin attorneys to appear on Legal Lines on WERE AM 1490

Balin Law founder Paulette Balin and one of her disability litigation attorneys will appear on Legal Lines Saturday, June 20 at 9 a.m. on WERE AM 1490. Broadcast throughout Northeast Ohio, Legal Lines covers cutting edge and newsworthy legal issues and tackles tough questions with guests ranging from Senatorial candidates to current and former Ohio […]

Lay Witnesses and Your Disability Claim

While a disabled person has the best understanding of how they feel, a spouse, relative or close friend may also be privy to a disabled person’s day-to-day challenges. Since this third party can provide additional insight into a claimant’s lifestyle, he or she can be a very valuable lay witness when it comes to a […]

Americans report strong desire to strengthen Social Security benefits

Here at Balin Law, we recognize the critical importance of expanding Social Security at a time when its funds are being called on even more. Odd (but fortunate) that when a nation seems most split on the proper size and role of government involvement, Americans show a remarkable desire to strengthen Social Security without reducing […]

What Is Past Relevant Work?

  Your Past Relevant Work (PRW) is defined by SSA as work that you have done within the past 15 years, that was substantial gainful activity (SGA), and that lasted long enough for you to learn to do it. It is considered in the fourth step of determining disability in the Five-Step Sequential Process. This […]

What is the Appeals Council?

When a disability claimant goes before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at a hearing and subsequently receives an unfavorable decision, this does not necessarily mean this is the end of the claim. If a disability claimant and/or his representative feel the ALJ made any errors in his judgment, that unfavorable decision can actually be appealed […]

Social Security Field Offices Change Their Hours

Beginning November 19th, 2012, SSA field offices have changed their public hours from 9am-3:30pm to 9am-3:00pm. However, this doesn’t mean SSA employees get to go home a half-hour early! Rather, it is an attempt to help them catch up with other work such as conducting application interviews and processing paperwork. Due to the impact of […]

What is COLA?

COLA stands for Cost of Living Adjustment. This is utilized by SSA in order for retirement, disability and SSI benefits to keep up with inflation. As the cost of living rises, so must the benefits of retirement, disability and SSI recipients so they can still afford their food, medical care and rent. COLA was enacted […]

What Will SSA Do About Direct Deposit Fraud?

While SSA is pushing for more disability and retirement benefit recipients to sign up for electronic payment in lieu of a paper check, scammers are working harder than ever to put those benefits in their own bank accounts. For example, some Social Security benefit recipients – senior citizens in particular – have been victimized by […]