COVID-19 & Telephonic Hearings for Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security disability hearings in Ohio and across the nation have moved to telephonic hearings in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.  This move to telephone hearings is to especially protect the vulnerable population with various disabling conditions.

Balin Law Attorney, Matthew Shupe, offers insight about these telephone hearings and addresses some top questions.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Matthew Shupe. I’m a disability attorney at Balin Law here to update you on the ongoing telephonic disability hearings that are taking place across Ohio and the nation.

How long will telephonic hearings last?

We’ve been informed that no in-person hearings will occur through at least September, and that is subject to change. I want to assure you that most hearings are going forward as scheduled telephonically.

Are there any delays in Social Security disability hearings due to telephonic hearings?

We have not seen any delays in the scheduling of hearings. To give you a better idea of what most looks like, it’s about 80% of our clients. The 20% that are not going forward telephonically, it is because the client has an issue with their hearing or there is some other factor that requires both my client and the disability judge to be in the same room together.

Is there a decline in favorable decisions for disability cases?

Fortunately, we have also not seen a decline in the percentage of our client’s cases that are awarded at the hearing level. So telephonic hearings are the new norm, at least for the next two to three months. I’m going to continue to update you on the situation. I hope you and your families are staying well during these trying times. Thank you for your continued patience and it’s a privilege to help you out. Thanks.


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