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Social Security Disability Attorney
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Initial Consultation


  • After returning your completed Intake paperwork, we will schedule your Free Attorney Consultation. The attorney will explain the disability process and Social Security's requirements as they relate to your specific situation.

Retainer Fee

$2,000 - $5,000 $0

  • Attorneys who handle Bankruptcy, Divorce, or Criminal Defense often require thousands of dollars up front in Retainer Fees.
  • Our Retainer Fee is typically* $0!

Out of Pocket Costs

Retainer Fee
New Client Fee
Administrative Fee
Application Filing Fee
Reconsideration Submission Fee
Hearing Representation Fee

*What's the catch? There isn't one, really, but there are some rare exceptions when a fee may be requested up front.

How much does it cost to hire a Disability Attorney?

It actually does not cost anything to hire us.  We know this sounds too good to be true to some folks.  Attorneys in other fields of law require hefty Retainer Fees up front.  But we only get paid only if/when we win your case, however long it takes.

You will not owe us anything until you are approved for benefits and back pay. This is called a Contingency Fee and it is actually the standard for most Social Security Disability Attorneys.

In addition to being free to get started, most clients never pay anything out of pocket because Social Security will pay us directly out of the backpay (past-due benefits) that they owe you.

We will make sure you understand our fee structure before we take your case so you can rest assured there will be no surprise charges.

What is a Contingency Fee?

Disability lawyers typically handle cases on a contingency fee basis. If a case is won and if you are owed backpay benefits or past due benefits, a disability attorney will receive the lesser of 25% or $7200.  If a case is won after a successful appeal to the Appeals Council or Federal Court, then the contingency fee becomes a flat 25% of past due benefits.

Here is an example scenario to demonstrate the fee difference:

Maggie gets approved after
1st or 2nd appeal
(see chart below)
Jim gets approved after
3rd or 4th appeal
SSA Owes in Back Benefits$32,000$32,000
Our Fee(cap)  $7,200(25%)  $8,000

Social Security will pay us this fee directly out of what they owe you, so you never even have to write a check.

We don’t receive any payment unless and until we win your case. 

Exceptions to $0 Out of Pocket

When There is No Contingency Fee

In a very small number of cases, there will be no backpay/past due benefits owed to the person. Because a Contingency Fee is paid through a percentage of backpay, our team would receive no compensation for their work.

In these unique circumstances, we require a fee paid up front.

The two situations where this may happen:

  1. If the client is already receiving disability benefits. Usually during a cessation case, if the client opts to continue to receive their benefit during the appeal.
  2. The case is so strong that the client will win within the 5-month waiting period. An example of this might be a Critical Disability Case, such as someone who is terminally ill or has a condition identified as a Compassionate Allowance case.