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Social Security Disability Benefits After a Car Accident

Vicky was an able and capable person until she was suddenly struck in a horrible car accident that left her disabled. Vicky felt lucky to be alive but devastated as the car accident seriously limited her ability to work and function. She decided to seek options for income as she couldn’t work like she once could and called the disability advocates at Balin Law. Here is Vicky’s story:


Filing for Social Security Disability After a Car Accident

car damaged from car accident


“The car accident really messed up my ability to stand, walk, and do normal things I would normally do. It hurt to stand. It hurt to sit. And it hurt to lay down. I wasn’t able to do the things I once could. It was incredibly frustrating and I was angry.


I called Balin Law to look at my options. Balin Law was so professional and I really liked their personalities. I felt like we got along really well. They showed concern and compassion for me and my situation. They were encouraging when I felt discouraged. Balin Law kept me informed about my case so I knew where I stood in the process.” 


We asked Vicky what she would tell someone who was looking to file for disability benefits. She said, “I would highly, highly recommend Balin Law. They are so professional. They know what they’re doing. And they get the job done. [Balin Law] understands the hurts and needs of their clients. They take the time to go through mountains of records and go through them with you so you understand what is going on in your case.”


Can you apply for disability benefits after a car accident?

You may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits after a car accident. Many people suffer from physical injuries and/or mental injuries after a car accident leaving them unable to work like they once could.


Car accident injuries can include hip, arm, or leg fractures, back pain, brain injury and more. Other car accident injuries can include psychological trauma such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and more.


If these injuries or impairments have lasted at least a year or are expected to last at least a year, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. You must meet the criteria for disability set by the Social Security Administration (SSA). 


Residual Functional Capacity 

When you file for disability, the Social Security Administration looks to see how your injuries from the car accident affect your ability to function. SSA will determine your residual functional capacity or “RFC”.


RFC is the technical term for the most you can still do despite your physical and mental impairments. Your medical records will be reviewed to make an RFC determination, which is why it’s so important to consistently seek treatment and follow your doctors’ recommendations. 


An individual generally needs to be medically restricted to les than sedentary work to be found disabled, but one has a higher likelihood of being found disabled if they are above the age of 50 (known as “a person closely approaching advanced age”).


Injured in a car accident, now what?

Sometimes, people feel fine after an accident and then issues arise down the road. Sometimes, there’s significant pain and injuries right away. Common side effects following a car accident are pain, dizziness, discomfort, numbness and more. Getting medical attention right away isn’t only good for your health, but also beneficial if you are looking to file a personal injury or disability claim down the road. 


Be sure to take detailed notes of your injuries and medical treatments to help you get reimbursement from insurance companies. Keep a record of any doctors, chiropractor, physical therapy or other professionals you were referred to after the car accident. These records are extremely important to have when seeking a personal injury or disability claim.


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