Can I Collect both Social Security and Workers’ Compensation?

SSD and Workers’ Comp?

Claimants often ask if they can collect Workers’ Comp and disability at the same time. The short answer is yes, but there are stipulations.

Disability attorney, Chad Delesk explains what your options are.

Video Transcript

So you’ve been injured at work and you’ve applied for both Ohio Workers’ Compensation benefits and SSDI benefits. The common question I get is Can I collect both? The answer is maybe.

In Ohio, there is a reverse offset, which means that you will first collect your Workers’ Compensation benefits and then if there’s any left over from what they call a “monthly max ceiling,” then you’d be able to collect the SSDI benefits.

It’s highly recommended you retain both a Workers’ Compensation attorney and a Social Security attorney to navigate this very complicated road to receiving both benefits.

Workers’ Comp vs. Social Security Disability Programs

In order to collect both Workers’ Compensation and Social Security disability benefits, you must qualify for both programs. SSD benefits and Workers’ Comp are separate programs. Social Security disability is a government-run program at the federal level and Workers’ Comp is a state-run program.

The qualifications to determine disability eligibility and Workers’ Compensations are different as well. This means it’s possible to qualify for one and not the other.

Working with a law firm to help

attorney fees with gavel

It can be advantageous to hire a law firm to help navigate through the Workers’ Comp and Social Security disability process. And there can be advantages for applying for one first before the other.

There are many benefits to hiring a disability lawyer. Some include:

  • helping structure your claim to have the best chances of winning.
  • answering questions and navigating you through a difficult process.
  • giving you peace of mind to have an advocate in your corner helping you through a difficult time to get the benefits you deserve.

If you have questions about applying for Workers’ Compensation and Social Security disability benefits, contact us. We offer free consultations and have several locations throughout northern Ohio to serve our clients.

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