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Injured on the Job and Filing For Disability Benefits

Siobhan is now retired, but she was a flight attendant for a well known airline when she was working. She was injured on the job in an airplane accident.

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Hurt on the job

Three flight attendants were hurt; two severely and one minor. Due to the injury Siobhan faced, she was not able to return to work. “My injuries consisted of a fractured tailbone, sciatic nerve and lumbar injuries, and I couldn’t go back to work as a flight attendant.”

Siobhan was in a long court battle with her employer to get all of her medical records approved. “It essentially took five years for my medical approval, but my injuries just got worse and worse because I didn’t have the consecutive treatment I needed.”

Siobhan sought out a workers’ compensation lawyer. Her workers’ compensation lawyer then sent Siobhan to a disability lawyer. “This first disability law firm I hired wasn’t very responsive and I was not getting approval for Social Security disability benefits.”

Finding Balin Law

“I was at an eye doctor’s appointment and I overheard a woman talking to another patient about her disability case and I related to her as our injuries were so similar. This woman was telling this patient how wonderful Balin Law was for her. I had to say something so I asked for the telephone number of Balin Law and it was just a great experience from there.” Siobhan adds,

“When I walked into Balin Law, they looked at my case and said, “you know what, we’re going to take care of you.”

Siobhan received a letter in the mail very quickly that she was approved and met the requirements for Social Security disability.

“I received my first disability check on June 12, which was the exact month and day of my injury [5 years later]. I didn’t have to go to court or another physician for my benefits. Balin Law did everything.” Siobhan received her Social Security disability benefits within five months of working with Balin Law.

Balin Law fights for its clients

When Siobhan came in to Balin Law, she was really at a point of despair. She had faced a lot of “no’s” and denial letters from the Social Security Administration. “I was really nervous at first because I had been denied a few times. But Paulette’s assistants were phenomenal and they just walked me through everything. Balin Law is just so knowledgeable and they answered my questions quickly. They addressed my fears and concerns and they helped motivate me to keep moving forward when I felt like giving up.”

Siobhan met with Paulette Balin, who is the Principal attorney at Balin Law. “Paulette is just so spunky and wonderful. She made me feel very comfortable.” 

Paulette looked at me and said, “I know this has been trying for you. But this is a whole new day for you and we’re going to work on this to the best of our ability.” I knew she did not make promises she couldn’t keep. My time with Paulette and her assistants was very great.”

Thinking of filing for Social Security disability benefits?

We asked Siobhan what she would say to anyone considering filing for disability benefits. She says, “It wouldn’t even be a second thought to tell them to hire Balin Law. I look forward to sharing my experience with someone to help them through getting disability benefits. I look forward to paying it forward.”

Hurt on the job? Can’t work like you once could because of the injury? Contact the experienced Social Security disability lawyers at Balin Law. 866-492-2546