Kidney Disorders (Genitourinary)

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Disability Benefits for Kidney Disorders (Genitourinary)

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Kidney Problems

Kidney disease and other kidney problems can be debilitating. Learn how kidney problems can qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

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What Social Security lists for Kidney Disorders (Genitourinary)

Kidney Disorders are known as Genitourinary Disorders, under Section 6.00 of Social Security’s Listing of Impairments – Adult Listings.

Per Social Security, this section covers “genitourinary disorders resulting in chronic kidney disease (CKD).”  These disorders include “chronic glomerulonephritis, hypertensive nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy, chronic obstructive uropathy, hereditary nephropathies [and] nephrotic syndrome due to glomerular dysfunction.”

You may meet the medical requirements for disability benefits if you have undergone, or are going through any of the following:

  • CKD with chronic hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis
  • Kidney transplant
  • Renal osteodystrophy
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Fluid overload syndrome
  • Anasarca (generalized massive edema or swelling) persisting for at least 90 days despite prescribed treatment
  • Anorexia (diminished appetite) with weight loss
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Chronic kidney disease with impairment of kidney function
  • Complications of chronic kidney disease