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Back Pain, Knee Pain & Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

In October of 2016, Jim had to leave work. He worked 3rd shift at a well-known bakery in northern Ohio. Jim has a history of knee and back problems with pain worsening year after year. “Sadly, I had to leave work. I could barely walk. I have severe arthritis in my knees and back.” Jim said.


xray of backAs Jim’s condition worsened over the years, he decided he needed to use his 6 months of short-term disability. Having short-term disability helped to offset his financial issues while he wasn’t working, but it was only a temporary solution.


“I was doing therapy injections and needed to get to 100% functioning with no restrictions for my job, but I never even got to 50%. I decided to talk to an attorney so I called Balin Law and spoke to attorney Shupe. He told me there was a good chance for my case.”


Jim’s experience with Balin Law


We asked Jim what his experience was like working with Balin Law. He said, “They were very helpful and I talked with Matt Shupe for quite a while. I showed him a lot of my paperwork and he thought we had a clear cut case. They took all my phone calls and answered all of my questions. I felt I was in good hands with Balin Law.”


Jim also added, “I would definitely recommend Matt Shupe and his law firm [Balin Law]. I don’t think I could have won without an attorney. they definitely know the law and know how to proceed and know the ins and outs.”


Receiving disability benefits quickly


Jim was awarded Social Security disability rather quickly considering many claimants wait for years. Disability claimants also often have to appeal their cases because of initial denials. “I received benefits in my initial filing and received my first disability check within 4 months from when I was approved. I thought I was going to have to go through the appeals process but we didn’t have to do that.” Jim said.


Whether you’re considering filing a Social Security disability claim, or you’ve been denied, Balin Law can help. Contact Balin Law to get your questions answered. 866-492-2546