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Filing for Social Security Disability with Mycobacterium Avium-intracellulare

Gale has a rare, severe lung infection that’s chronic called Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare infection (MAI). Her course of treatment was eighteen to twenty-four months. “Two years ago, I had two rounds of pneumonia and it wouldn’t go away. The doctors found that it was really this bad infectious disease.”


Mycobacterium avium bacteria

What is Mycobacterium Avium-intracellulare?

MAI is like a cousin of tuberculosis but it’s not contagious. It’s a group of bacteria that’s found very commonly in food, water and soil. Most people have this bacteria in their bodies, but those with weaker immune systems can become very sick from these germs.


“It made me extremely tired. I’m on four different antibiotics that I have to take every day. I had a PICC line for three months with an IV. Nurses were coming to my home three times per week and I just couldn’t work anymore.” Gale had to have IV treatments frequently.


“I am a worker and have worked all of my life, but I found myself too tired to work. I was working from forty hours per week down to nine – and even that was difficult.”


Applying for Social Security disability alone

Gale applied for Social Security disability on her own at first but was denied. “That’s when I came to Paulette Balin and her law office. Paulette is terrific! [Balin Law] was really thoughtful and professional. They knew what they were doing and were confident I could win my disability case.


We asked Gale what she would say to someone who’s filing for Social Security disability benefits. She says, “I wouldn’t give up. It can be a difficult process so hiring a law firm can be really beneficial. Paulette and her firm really fight for you. They called and explained things to me very thoroughly and I really felt like Balin Law had my back.”


She also adds, “In the event had I not been awarded disability benefits, I know Balin Law would have fought really hard to appeal it. They know the system and know what they are doing as they have been in the Social Security disability space for years. Balin Law is the best disability law firm you will find.”


Call the experienced Social Security disability lawyers at Balin Law today if you’re unable to work due to a mycobacterium avium infection. 866-492-2546