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Arthritis and Disability

Alan C. and his wife, Lynn, both came to Balin Law to file for Social Security disability benefits. Alan suffers from arthritis and a bad, aching back. His wife suffers from a rare condition called Churg-Strauss Syndrome that causes inflammation of the blood vessels.

woman holding husbands hand during arthritis treatment

Alan’s wife had a great experience working with Balin Law so he decided he needed to call them when he couldn’t work like he once could. Here is Alan’s experience working with Balin Law:

Why did you file for disability benefits?

“I am a wreck with arthritis. I have a very bad back and most of my joints are aching. My physician told me years ago that I should retire. I couldn’t bend anymore and I couldn’t work anymore. My body was just physically giving out over the years.”

What was the best part about working with Balin Law?

“They [Balin Law]  got my claim in and it was straight to the point. They asked the questions needed and I received disability benefits very quickly. Paulette [Balin] is also a pleasure to work with and I was glad she was advocating for me on my behalf.”

Additional comments you’d like to add?

“I would absolutely recommend Balin Law based on my experience and my wife’s experience. I would not try and navigate the Social Security system by yourself. It’s a confusing process. My advice to anyone seeking to file for disability would be to get a good lawyer. Certainly, Paulette is a good lawyer to get.”

If you’re suffering from arthritis and cannot work like you once could, contact Balin Law today.