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Depression, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea & Back Pain

Donald is an older individual with chronic back pain and is an insulin dependent diabetic. His pain was so bad in his back and foot that it was keeping him up at night. While fighting the pain, he tried to do some minimal work in order to put food on the table.


Sleep deprived, in immense pain, and unable to move around easily, Donald knew he had to do something.


Donald calls for help

diabetes tester with sugar jar“I was really struggling. My doctors diagnosed me with diabetes, degenerative disc disease in my back, depression and sleep apnea. I really couldn’t move around much either.”


Donald decided to hire an attorney to help him through the Social Security disability process.


“My experience working with Balin Law and Mira [Chopra] was excellent. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them. The way Mira advised me before my hearing was great and helped me feel confident in court. Balin Law also sent me a written statement about what to expect in court. I was really happy with them and appreciated their directness, too. I first met with them and they decided if my case had merit. They thought it did so we got to work.”


A quick disability determination

Donald received a decision quickly on his case. “I received my letter really quickly. About thirty-five days after my hearing! My doctor told me it was unusual that I didn’t get a rejection letter considering the Social Security doctors didn’t even review my X-rays, which I was very confused about. I was denied two or three times in the past and after those rejections, I went to Balin Law and we won.”


Donald says, “Based on my experience, I’d highly recommend Balin Law. I’d tell people who are thinking of giving up to call Balin Law – they know what they are doing.”


Do you qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

If you’re suffering from diabetes, depression, sleep apnea and/or degenerative disc disease, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Call Balin Law to get your questions answered with a free, no-obligation consultation 866-492-2546