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Partial Blindness, Mental Disorders & Disability Benefits


Partially Blind with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and Depression

Melissa is blind in one eye, has bipolar disorder with anxiety along with depression. In 2016, she applied for Social Security disability benefits on her own. At the time, Melissa just filed for being blind in one eye as it was keeping her from working, but she was denied.


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“It was a really confusing process and I think I filed wrong. I filed for SSD when I was supposed to file for SSI,” Melissa said.


She hired Balin Law after receiving her first denial letter for benefits. “Balin Law was just so knowledgeable. I was previously denied for being blind in one eye, so I thought I wasn’t able to use that impairment again because I thought it would just be denied again.” Melissa worked with attorney Mira Chopra.


“Mira was great and she’s a wonderful listener. She took down all of my information, listened to what I had to say and encouraged me to use everything I was suffering from. She took my case to court and I was approved disability benefits very quickly – within four months to be exact!”


Melissa further said, “Without Mira and the help from Balin Law, I would not have been approved. I think I would have been denied again because I was alone trying to navigate through a difficult process.


I was wonderfully represented and was given the documents needed to win my case. [Mira] pushed for me and showed me the right medical documents to use. Without Balin Law and my attorney, I don’t think I would have won, and especially not so quickly. ”


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