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Balin Law Client Appreciation Letter From Tim K.

a client letter expressing gratitude for Balin Law

Balin Law Client Appreciation Letter

We get letters frequently from clients expressing their gratitude in helping them win the Social Security disability cases. This letter is from Tim K. His letter reads:

Dear Paulette Balin & Assoc.,


A note of appreciation – I am especially grateful to you and all of your associates, for doing such a wonderful job to get me the Social Security monies, and to get the largest possible monthly amount. This could not have come at a better time.


As for your associates; I’m sorry I do not remember their names, however, they know who they are and I thank them very much.


When I come across folks who need the aid of an attorney, your group will be highly recommended, for Social Security help.


Yours truly,


Tim K.

P.S. Some day when I am rich and famous, I will take you all to dinner.

Tim was also kind enough to send us a second letter expressing his gratitude. He further said, “A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, as I was very worried. The Social Security help came just at the right time. Now, I can relax a bit and can focus on getting my life in better order.”