back problems

Filing for Social Security Disability with Both Physical and Mental Impairments

November 23, 2018

Painful disc damage in her neck and back paired with debilitating PTSD, Charlene filed for SSDI. Like most, she was denied. She called Balin Law and recommends you do the same.
Here is her story.

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Denied Disability Benefits to Hiring a Law Firm and Winning

July 12, 2018

Laura was certain she’d win her disability case as her doctors said she couldn’t work. After being denied, she hired Balin Law and won. Read her story.

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Arthritis and Disability

March 26, 2018

Alan suffers from arthritis and an aching back. His wife, Lynn, had a good experience working with Balin Law to get the disability benefits she needed, so he called Balin Law to help him. Read Alan’s story.

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Depression, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea & Back Pain

March 25, 2018

Donald suffers from diabetes, depression, sleep apnea and back pain. He wasn’t able to work, which made it difficult to put food on the table. He knew he had to do something so he called Balin Law. Read Donald’s story.

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