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Denied Disability Benefits to Hiring a Law Firm and Winning

Laura’s experience hiring Balin Law

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Laura had a lot of complications during her pregnancy. The complications worsened after labor and delivery.  After her delivery, she could barely sit. Her back started hurting badly. “It was the worst pain ever. I kept going to doctor after doctor to try and figure out what was wrong because the pain was excruciation,” Laura said.

Laura then saw a neuroscientist and they discovered that one of her bones hadn’t gone back into place after her pregnancy. “I knew I had to do something because I couldn’t stand for very long and it was affecting my ability to work,” Laura said. That’s when Laura decided to file for Social Security disability benefits.

Because of my back pain I started to gain weight. The weight gain and pain was taking a huge toll on me. This caused me to have high anxiety and depression, so I started seeing a therapist.”

Laura started doing physical therapy but her leg kept popping out of its socket. “I felt like I couldn’t win. I had gained 100 pounds and became even more depressed. Everything just escalated from there,” Laura said.

Denied Social Security disability

Laura went to court for her disability case the next year and was denied benefits. Her conditions continued to worsen. “I had a total of 17 doctors when I first filed and I thought for sure I’d win my disability case.”

It’s unfortunate, but many disability cases are lost even with strong, supportive medical evidence.

Laura was then diagnosed with osteoporosis in her spine. By this time, she had been formally diagnosed with bilateral knee osteoarthritis, obesity, asthma, lumbar degenerative disc disease, hepatitis C, meralgia paresthetica, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, depression and anxiety. Laura was simply trying to get better but her health conditions continued to worsen.

Having more issues, Laura came to Balin Law in pursuit of Social Security disability benefits.

Getting help

Laura came to Balin Law and worked with disability lawyer, Chad Delesk. “He’s a great guy and he’s very easy to talk to. When I felt anxious, he calmed me down. He is a great lawyer and knows what he’s doing,” Laura said about Chad.

Laura further added, “The whole Balin Law team is great. Anita at Balin Law was super sweet and nice to me. She’d reassure me that everything was going well. Anita was so supportive to me. I’d be crying or having an anxiety attack and she just knew how to calm me down. I’m so grateful for her.”

Hiring the right disability law firm

Hiring a law firm can be advantageous when filing a Social Security disability claim. The likelihood of winning is much higher when hiring an experienced law firm to advocate on your behalf in court.

Laura wants people to know:

If you’re looking to file for benefits, choose Balin Law. They work tirelessly. I would call them frequently to tell them everything I was going through and they were responsive each and every time. The Balin Law firm is just full of really nice, great people and lawyers.”

Laura K., Client of Balin Law

Are you considering filing for Social Security disability benefits?

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