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Darlene’s Story: Social Security Disability For the Legally Blind

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Becoming blind is a very scary experience. As we experience life, we learn to do things that come as second nature. But when one is or becomes blind, they have to relearn how to live their lives-over and over again.

Darlene was having ocular migraines so she went to see her ophthalmologist. Her ophthalmologist said she had cataracts and that they wouldn’t go away unless they were removed. “My doctor told me if I didn’t have the cataracts removed, that they’d be permanent and I’d become blind. It was a terrifying experience so I decided to have them removed in October of 2015,” Darlene said.

Darlene had the surgery to remove her cataracts, but her vision continued to decline. She decided to take action and contact Balin Law to look at her options with Social Security disability benefits. “I had to stop driving in December of 2015 because I couldn’t see any more. It was really a sad time.” Darlene came to Balin Law and helped her file her disability claim.

Improving chances of winning with a disability lawyer

Balin Law looked over Darlene’s records and determined she had a good case to prove her disability. “I decided to get an attorney because I knew filing on my own would be difficult. Especially after hearing how often people get denied when trying to file a claim on their own. I wanted to make sure I did everything right the first time with a lawyer by my side so my chances of winning were better,” Darlene said.

“I’m a nurse in the healthcare field and understand healthcare very well. But I did not understand Social Security and how all of that worked so I knew it was important to call a lawyer rather than trying to file on my own. As a nurse, I love taking care of people and I’m so frustrated that these doctors couldn’t help me with my eye sight. I can’t even just get into my car to drive to the store. I can’t own a home. And worst of all, I can’t work and take care of the people I love,” she continued. Darlene grieved the loss of her eye sight as she can’t do the normal, daily things other people get to do.

After hiring Balin Law, Darlene received a fully favorable decision only a few short months after they went to court. Darlene received Social Security disability benefits for her blindness in a very short time compared to the average of other disability cases.

Working with attorney Mira Chopra and Balin Law

Photo of attorney Mira Chopra

Darlene worked with Balin Law attorney, Mira Chopra. “Mira was really great with me. I would contact Balin Law if I had any additional doctor’s appointments and I followed their lead. I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out,” said Darlene.

She further added, “The lawyers at Balin Law are very knowledgeable and very good. Social Security Disability is what they do. They are specialists in getting someone disability benefits. I really appreciate what Balin Law did for me. I don’t think I could have gotten disability as soon if I tried to file by myself. If someone believes they have a case, they need to contact a law firm like Balin Law.”

Blind and unable to work?

Are you blind and unable to work like you once could? Contact an experienced Social Security disability law firm. Balin Law has been winning Social Security disability cases since 1980 and getting thousands of Ohioans the benefits they deserve. Call today for a FREE consultation 866-492-2546