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Self-Employed and Social Security Disability Benefits

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Disability Benefits for the Self-Employed


Arthur was a self-employed business owner who started having health issues and over the years, his health was worsening. Arthur has diabetes which progressed over time leaving him with circulation problems throughout his body. He then suffered a heart attack and found himself unable to work like he once could.


Arthur moved to Ashtabula from Virginia so he wasn’t all that familiar with the area. He moved for the weather as his doctor recommended a cooler climate to help sooth his health conditions. “Back when I was in Virginia, I had a bad heart attack and had to go through three operations. I tried going back to work, but I didn’t have the wind in me or the energy to work. I tried so hard, and I wanted to get back to my business but I just couldn’t do it,” Arthur said. He knew he needed to do something about his circumstance.


Contacting a Social Security disability law firm for help


Being new to the area and unable to work, Arthur decided to contact Balin Law as its office in Ashtabula was very close and convenient to him. “I called Balin Law and went to Mira [Chopra]. Balin Law did everything they could for me. They got me in front of a judge and Mira told me everything looked good for my case. We received a fully favorable decision and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Balin Law!” Arthur exclaimed.


Arthur further added, “If I needed something, I could go right up to their office. If I got any paper work from the doctor, I could just give them all my info and they’d take care of it all. I can’t believe how good they were to me. They actually took the time with me and made me feel important.”


Working with Balin Law and attorney Mira Chopra, Arthur received his Social Security disability benefits the first time he filed. “All I can say is Mira is really good at what she does. She’s a fantastic lawyer. I had never been to court before in my life and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mira comforted me and set my expectations so I knew what I was going in to. If I couldn’t understand all the lawyer and judge talk, Mira would explain it all to me so I didn’t feel left in the dark. I felt really informed and cared for with Balin Law,” Arthur said.


Can self-employed people get Social Security disability benefits?


The short answer is yes. The Social Security Administration will look at the Code of Regulations. Specifically, the evaluation guide if you’re self-employed.


The Social Security Administration states, “We will consider your activities and their value to your business to decide whether you have engaged in substantial gainful activity if you are self-employed. We will not consider your income alone because the amount of income you actually receive may depend on a number of different factors, such as capital investment and profit-sharing agreements. We will generally consider work that you were forced to stop or reduce to below substantial gainful activity after 6 months or less because of your impairment as an unsuccessful work attempt.”


There are several details that go into Social Security disability benefits for the self-employed. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact an experienced professional to get your questions answered. Balin Law offers a free, no-obligation consultation, so contact us today 866-492-2546!