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Social Security Disability Benefits After Having Back Surgery

Hiring a Social Security Disability Law Firm After Back Surgery

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John came to Balin Law as we had represented his wife in her pursuit of Social Security disability benefits. His wife had a good experience and outcome with her case, so he decided to contact us. “When I met Paulette Balin, I thought she was really nice,” John said when he came to us for his disability case.


We asked John some questions about his experience hiring Balin Law. See what he has to say:


What made you choose Balin Law?


“I met Paulette when I had my first back surgery in 2011 and was doing okay at the time. Paulette said if I ever get to a point where I need help to give her a call. So when I needed help and didn’t know what to do, I called her. They told me they were going to take care of me.”


John had back surgery and fusion in 2011. His doctors told him to take things easy, but due to his work, he didn’t take things as easy as the doctors had wanted him to. John had bulging discs and the doctor said he’d need another fusion if he didn’t take things easy. “I tried applying for jobs, but every job I applied, they viewed me as a liability. I eventually blew another disc out in my back and needed to have another surgery,” John said.


John also had carpal tunnel and had to have surgery for that impairment. “My left leg was deteriorating and my overall ability to function was just getting worse and worse. I started having pain in my neck and my doctor said I had to wait before they could work on my neck due to all the other issues I was facing.” John worked with disability attorney Chad Delesk who fought for him in court. 


What was your experience working with Chad Delesk?


“Chad was really really nice. He took his time with me. He understood my situation and was really sympathetic. He wasn’t just one of those typical lawyers trying to get paid. He took his time with me and I felt like I mattered.”


Would you recommend Balin Law to others, and if so, why?


“Yes I would recommend [Balin Law]. They care about you. They fight for you. My case manager kept me informed and was asking how I was doing a lot to check in with me. Balin Law and Chad went above and beyond. They are more family-oriented and understand the impact a disability can have on a family. I’ve worked with other lawyers in the past and my experience with them made me feel like I was on an assembly line. Balin Law cared for me and I felt like I mattered.” – John J., Balin Law Client


Are you unable to work like you once could after back surgery?


Call the experienced Social Security disability lawyers at Balin Law. Since 1980, we have been fighting for tens of thousands of clients helping them get the disability benefits they deserve. We are here for you and will answer any questions you have. Call us today at 866-492-2546