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Arthritis, Depression and Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

Kathleen has multiple arthritic conditions that affects her legs, back and arms. She was in a lot of pain and found herself unable to work like she once could.


wooden figure with back painOn top of the arthritis throughout her body, Kathleen suffers from depression along with other debilitating conditions such as spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.


Kathleen decided to call for help. She contacted Balin Law and worked with attorney Chad Delesk. “When I met with Chad, he was very informative and went over everything with me. He explained the process so I felt really prepared,’ Kathleen shares.


Unable to work from depression


Kathleen had stopped working because she was in such a bad state of depression. The thought of filing a Social Security disability claim on her own only brought on more anxiety for her. “I was so happy that Balin Law took on cases whether people were denied or filing for the first time. No other firm would take me because I hadn’t applied for disability benefits before. I was already so confused with the process,” Kathleen said.


Favorable decision for Social Security disability claim


Many people come to Balin Law whether they are filing their first Social Security disability claim or when they’ve been denied once or several times before.


“Balin Law handled my case from the beginning and we won the first time around. I had such a positive experience working with Balin Law. Nothing went wrong and it was a very easy process for me with Balin Law’s help.” – Kathleen, Balin Law Client


Need help filing a Social Security disability claim?


Balin Law helps Social Security disability claimants at the initial level all the way up to Federal court and everything in between. We fight hard for our clients so they can be awarded the disability benefits they deserve. Get your questions answered with a free consultation today. Give us a call at 866-492-2546