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Filing for Social Security Disability with Both Physical and Mental Impairments

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Charlene’s Experience Filing for Disability Benefits

Charlene came to Balin Law as she suffers from both physical and mental impairments that are debilitating. “I have a lot of disc issues in my neck and my back. I tried a lot of injections that didn’t work. Physical therapy didn’t work and pain management didn’t work. It was very difficult. And I also have major PTSD and a lot of other things going on. I’m very limited from the medicine and pain,” she said.

It’s common to suffer from both physical and mental impairments. Charlene has a history of conditions that disabled her more and more over the years that kept compounding. Charlene thought for sure she’d be considered disabled. After all, she was diagnosed with many conditions by her doctor that disabled her. She filed on her own, and to her surprise, was denied disability benefits.

Hiring a Social Security disability law firm for help

Many clients come to Balin Law after they try filing for Social Security disability benefits on their own. It can seem simple to go online and file through the Social Security Administration’s website, but many people are faced with jargon they don’t understand. And they find the process of filing to be more difficult than anticipated.

“I found Balin Law online and decided to give them a call. When I called them, they were so polite and the communicated well with me. It was just easy. I tried to file before on my own and I didn’t understand all the paperwork. There was a ton of paperwork. So, I decided I needed some help this time because I was denied before,” Charlene explained.

Balin Law believed in Charlene’s case even though she was denied originally. Charlene’s case was taken all the way to Federal Court where her case resulted in a win with disability lawyer, Matthew Shupe, by her side.

“I would definitely recommend Balin Law to anyone looking to receive Social Security disability benefits. It’s a lot easier when you have someone by your side who knows what they’re doing. Filing for disability is very, very complicated to do on your own,” Charlene said. There is a lot of information required when filing for benefits and it can be very daunting. “Trying to file on my own was very frustrating. The wording was difficult to understand. The forms and paperwork were difficult to understand. I just felt very lost until I hired Balin Law,” Charlene continued.

Denied disability benefits?

Don’t give up! You can make an appeal. If you have questions about filing for Social Security disability for the first time, call us. If you’ve been denied benefits and are unsure where to go from here, call us. We are here for you and have helped tens of thousands of clients win the disability benefits they deserve.