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Diagnosed with a Disability but Denied Disability Benefits

Filing for Disability Benefits and Being Denied

Wendy filed for Social Security disability benefits because she struggles with depression and anxiety. She had previously taken medication to manage her anxiety and depression and was able to hold stable jobs. 

In 2012, Wendy noticed that she started struggling more and her symptoms were progressively getting worse. “I was getting medical care, but then my son got into a severe car accident. He was in a coma for six months and was dealing with a traumatic brain injury (TBI),” Wendy said. She could barely get out of bed and this accident put her over the edge.

From her son’s car accident, Wendy began to spiral deeper into her depression and anxiety. She wasn’t able to maintain working as her condition was getting worse and worse. Wendy tried filing for disability benefits on her own but was denied. She worked most of her life and didn’t know much about the Social Security Administration and its process.

She then came to Balin Law. “They [Balin Law] looked at my paperwork and noticed there were discrepancies. It was clear I was in need but for whatever reason, I was denied. I worked with Anita who was just incredible. I cannot say enough good things about her. Anita is patient and understanding. She helped me through the process of getting all the info she needed for my case,” Wendy said.

Going the Extra Mile

Balin Law goes the extra mile fighting for clients in court. It’s the whole reason we got into Social Security disability law: to help those in need. “Anita and the staff at Balin Law are just so nice. They went the extra mile for me and knew this was something our family really needed. Balin Law just did everything they could to push my case and we worked very well together. Balin Law knew Social Security was wrong about their decision to deny me and [Balin Law] just fought so hard for me,” Wendy said.

At one point, Wendy and her family were about to lose their home. We knew this was a dire need situation so we requested the court to expedite Wendy’s case. The court granted our request. We knew losing their home would further Wendy’s depression and we didn’t want that to happen. It’s an awful thing to have a mental deficit and to try and go through the process of pursuing disability benefits alone. Wendy trusted us with her and her family’s lives.

Going to Court

photo of attorney Paulette Balin

Principal Attorney, Paulette Balin, went to court with Wendy. “Ms. Balin knew my case inside and out. She was a spitfire in court fighting for me. Ms. Balin knew how much Anita had worked on my case and she just knew what to do in that court room. She knew what to say and she knew what boxes needed checked to make the courts know disability was a necessity for me,” Wendy said. 

When Wendy’s case was over, she gave Balin Law a call to let us know how appreciative she was of our work. Wendy expressed how cared for she and her family felt. Wendy told us, “Our family would not be in a good place if it weren’t for Balin Law’s help. I can now bring my son home and have help to take care of him because I cannot in many ways due to my disability. Balin Law is so compassionate and understanding.” 

Hiring a Compassionate Disability Law Firm

Wendy knew she needed help when she was denied disability on her own. The thought of trying to file on her own again when she could barely get out of bed was exhausting to even think about. “Balin Law never judged me. They only cared for me and my family. Balin Law is not in this for the money and I’m very fortunate to have chosen Balin Law to help me.”

Balin Law is not in this for the money and I’m very fortunate to have chosen Balin Law to help me.

– Wendy, Balin Law client

Wendy further said, “My situation is something I worried about every single day and Balin Law and their team brought me such a sense of relief. From the financial burden on top of trying to get through a traumatic experience with my family, Balin Law simply are miracle workers. My phone calls were taken. I was told not to worry and that things would all work out. I was never ignored and was always called back. Anita is one of the most awesome women I have met in a long time. And Paulette Balin is the greatest attorney for Social Security disability. They both care so very much.”

Wendy added, “Ms. Balin sat down with me and explained everything to us in a way we could understand. She even told the judge in the courtroom she wanted time to speak with us because we weren’t sure what was going on. Instead of putting me off and giving me a call, she took the time to sit with me and explain. The owner of the firm took my case and that meant so much to me. I’ve dealt with so many attorneys about this before and the owner of a firm never took the case. Paulette took my case and fought and won. Words cannot express my gratitude and I’d recommend Balin Law to anyone. They are the first person to call if anyone is looking to file for disability benefits.” 

Denied Disability Benefits?

Have you been told you are disabled but were denied disability benefits? You have 60 days to make an appeal. Call on a firm that has the compassion and experience. Call Balin Law for a free consultation 866-492-2546. We are here to help you.