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Balin Law Client Testimonial From Linda B.

Linda was in a lot of pain and was finding herself unable to work like she once could. She suffers from severe migraines, degenerative disc disease in her back, along with arthritis in her wrists. “The pain was just getting worse and worse,” Linda said.


black and white photo of woman holding her head from a migraine


Unable to work, Linda came to Balin Law by word of mouth. “I heard [Balin Law] was a good group of people to work with and that they got good results.”


Linda was frustrated prior to coming to Balin Law. She had been waiting nearly four years for disability benefits before she decided to hire a law firm to help her. “I hired Balin Law and they stood by me and understood my frustration. They are very caring and kept me informed about my case. Balin Law also answered any questions I had during my case and they helped me get the disability benefits I so desperately needed.”


In pain and can’t work like you used to?

If you’re in pain, whether it’s from arthritis, migraines, or back pain, and are unable to work like you once could, contact us to get your questions answered. You may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.