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Filing For Disability Benefits with Churg-Strauss Syndrome

Filing for Disability Benefits with Churg-Strauss Syndrome (EGPA)

Lynn was diagnosed with Churg-Strauss Syndrome. Some doctors refer to this disease as Churg-Strauss Vasculitis, eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA), or allergic angiitis as well. Churg-Strauss Syndrome is a very rare condition that is caused by inflammation of the blood vessels. The condition has several affects on the body including the nose, lungs, sinuses, intestines, heart, and nerves. Inflammation from Churg-Strauss Syndrome can also affect the kidneys, muscles and joints.

churg-strauss syndrom rash

Lynn constantly felt like she had the flu, but knew it something much more than the flu as the symptoms were relentless and not subsiding. Lynn was later advised to get a disability attorney. Here is her experience filing for Disability Benefits with Churg-Strauss Syndrome, also known as EGPA:

Why did you file for disability benefits?

“I was laid off in March 2007 and did a few part-time jobs, but gradually, I just couldn’t work because I was sick all of the time. Eventually, I needed to use a cane. I went to my doctor to find out I have a very rare disease. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Churg-Strauss Vasculitis. There are a lot of vasculitis diseases and this is one of the most rare vasculitis diseases. It affected my lungs, my skin with purple blots all over, I felt like I had the flu constantly and had asthma.

My dentist said you need a good disability attorney and he referred Paulette Balin. It was difficult at first because no one heard of my disease so it was difficult to prove. About a year later, we went to court and Paulette and I walked in the court room and the judge saw me and said, “I don’t know why this was put in front of me,” because it was so clear I had a disabling condition. Just like that, I was granted disability. Paulette did a lot of footwork to get my claim approved.”

What made you decide to hire Balin Law?

“My dentist said, “She’s the best. Call her,” so I called her and do not regret it!”

What were some challenges you faced that Paulette Balin helped you through?

“Paulette helped me mentally because she stayed on top of my case and I didn’t have to call the office every week to check the status of my case. Heather was really helpful too. Their office was right on top of things. Money was also a problem for me because of the lack of income and I had heard people waiting for YEARS to get disability but I had so much confidence in her. Paulette was right on the money with everything that had to do with my case.”

Any additional comments?

“I’ve referred other people to her and they have been thrilled with her as I knew they would be with her. I received disability benefits in record time and I’ve referred friends who I know received disability benefits in record time. Paulette and her firm truly are the best and know what they are doing. Call them if you need disability.”

Do you have Churg-Strauss Syndrome or Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA)?

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