Heart Problems

Can I get disability for my heart disease?

Yes, it’s quite possible to get disability benefits for heart disease. It depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is how does your heart disease impact your ability to work or even perform household chores? Your age, education background, and work background are also very relevant to how Social Security will analyze your case.

List of heart conditions Social Security may consider disabling

  • congestive or chronic heart failure
  • recurrent arrhythmias
  • cardiomyopathy
  • ischemic heart disease
  • congenital heart disease
  • aneurysms
  • heart transplant
  • peripheral artery disease
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • Heart attack or a history of heart attack*

*History of a heart attack or heart attacks on its own may not be enough. Social Security wants to know affects your functioning currently.

What medical evidence does Social Security consider when evaluating my heart disease?

Social Security looks at your surgical history, your New York Heart Association (NYHA) functional class, your ejection fraction, the diameter of your arteries/veins/capillaries, results of any stress tests (with particular emphasis on how many METS you achieved), percentage of blockage bypassed and non-bypassed arteries. Also, Social Security will consider whether you are abusing alcohol or drugs, particularly crack or cocaine, as these substances are known to worsen heart functioning.


How can a lawyer help me win disability for heart disease?

Hiring a knowledgeable disability lawyer can help in many ways. From improving your chances of winning to alleviating stress, help is just a call away. Contact Balin Law and schedule your free case evaluation.


 “I have heart failure and my doctor advised me to get disability because he didn’t want me working. So I looked to file for disability and I was told it would be more difficult to win a case if I didn’t have an attorney.” – Lorraine, Balin Law Client with Heart Failure