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Client Stories: Jim T.

Jim T’s first experience with disability lawyers was “almost combative,” Jim said. “They told me I have to get an entire history of all my work, do this and that, told me that not everyone ‘gets’ disability cases. I don’t know if this attorney didn’t eat his corn flakes or something, but he was really negative.” By the time Jim was sent an informational packet for a free consultation, he decided to cancel the initial consultation.

Later that week, Jim was sitting at his computer and saw a phone book laying on his desk with an ad for Balin Law on the cover. “I decided then that I had to do something, if not for me then for my family,” Jim said.

Jim’s experiencing hiring Balin Law

Working with Balin Law has been a complete 180 from Jim’s initial law firm experience. “Balin attorneys and staff have had a very positive attitude and have been extremely compassionate,” Jim said. “They had a total understanding of what I was going through and seemed genuinely willing to help.” Jim remembers feeling relieved how Balin was able to handle all of the red tape while allowing Jim to take care of his physical problems. “I knew in my heart they were doing everything they could for me and my case,” Jim said.

Balin attorney Chad Delesk earned a favorable judgment for Jim, which was enough for Jim and his family to bounce back.

“The team at Balin Law is, in my opinion, the best out there,” Jim said. “They made everything worry-free for me.”