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Dana T. Balin Law Client Testimonial

body pain pointsFiling for Disability Benefits with Several Disabilities

Dana T. experiences an array of disabilities that debilitate her from normal day activities. She suffers from sciatica, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer, anemia, arthritis, and degenerative bone disease. Dana’s mother previously hired Balin Law where she received a favorable outcome for her case. Thus, she recommended Dana to hire Balin Law as she had a great experience. 


Dana worked with Adella, one of Balin Law’s case managers, and Paulette Balin, the Principal attorney at Balin Law. Working together, they produced a win with a favorable case.


Paulette did an amazing job. She really factored in all of my disabilities. It was frustrating before hiring Balin Law. The state wanted me to do all of these extra things that I was not capable to do because of my disabilities. Paulette was in my corner defending me and understood the pain I was going through. I’ve been recommending Balin Law to people suffering from disabilities as Paulette and her firm are truly the best to work with.” – Dana T.


If you or someone you know is suffering from several disabilities leaving you unable to work, we invite you to call our law firm for a free consultation 866-492-2546