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Karen L., Balin Law Client Testimonial

Karen L. had applied for Social Security Disability benefits but was originally denied. She went to Balin Law and worked with Paulette Balin and made an appeal after she was denied. Prior to filing for Social Security Disability benefits, Karen was 61 years-old and had multiple cervical surgeries in her neck. There were several plates and rods placed in Karen’s neck throughout the procedures, which resulted in complications after her surgeries.


Karen was unable to go back to work and unfortunately was terminated from her job. Karen’s disability was listed as one of the Social Security’s conditions on the disability approval list. She had also been paying into Social Security for 47 years as she began working at the age of fourteen. Karen thought she had a sure win to claim disability benefits according to the Social Security Administration, but she was denied. Karen felt stuck. She was now 62 years-old, unable to work, and was denied disability benefits even though she met the criteria according to the Social Security Administration. Karen then found Paulette Balin’s firm and made an appeal and won. We’ve asked Karen a couple of questions regarding her experience in working with Balin Law.


Why did you hire Balin Law?

I knew someone who used Paulette Balin’s firm in the past. I called that person to find out how they felt and if they were satisfied working with Paulette Balin and her firm and they were totally satisfied.


What was the outcome of your case?

I went to court and it seemed shaky at first, but the Judge ruled in our favor after reviewing all the evidence and talking to Paulette!


What would you say to anyone considering hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney?

I would highly recommend Balin Law. If I had any questions, the case worker was always available and always responded within one business day.


Have you had a neck injury or surgery that left you unable to work? Contact Balin Law to get your questions answered. We offer a free consultation and there’s no fee unless we win!