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Congestive Heart Failure, Obesity, Sleep Apnea and Filing for Disability

Michael was a young adult who suffered from congestive heart failure, obesity, and severe sleep apnea. Because of these impairments, he was found disabled by his doctor. Michael had a good work history and a good attitude toward life. However, Michael was unable to work like he once could, so he called Balin Law to get an opinion about filing for Social Security disability benefits. Here is Michael’s story:


human heartUnable to work

“I started losing jobs because of my medical conditions. It was very frustrating. I started off with sleep apnea and heavy fatigue. From the sleep apnea, I then was diagnosed with congestive heart failure..and things just got worse,” Michael said.


Michael worked with disability attorney Mira Chopra. Mira Chopra has been advocating for disabled clients since 1992 and has helped Balin Law secure many victories for clients. Like any disability claimant, Michael wanted a lawyer by his side and someone who would fight for him in court.


Finding a disability lawyer that meets your expectations

“[Mira] most definitely met my expectations. It was a long process, but she represented me very well. She got me a favorable decision in the end, so I’m very happy,” Michael said. “Balin Law as a whole is a great law firm. They’re very personable and I could always talk to someone if I needed to talk to someone. The communication was really great. I didn’t feel like just another case with them and that was so refreshing.” – Michael Y., Balin Law Client


If you’re suffering from an impairment and are finding it difficult to work like you once could, call the experienced Social Security disability lawyers at Balin Law 866-49-BALIN for a free consultation.