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Back Surgery to Disability Benefits: Ron’s Story

Client Testimonial: Ron S.

Ron had surgery on his neck in 2006 and on his lower back on 2017. He started having more minor problems that began with occasional pain and dragging his left foot. In late 2017, he was prescribed a left foot brace to help with his foot drop problem that resulted from his back surgery.

We asked Ron a few questions about his experience hiring Balin Law. Here’s what he had to say:

Why did you hire Balin Law?

“I hired Balin Law because of a friend of mine recommended them. My friend had back surgeries and he won disability benefits with Balin Law and liked the outcome of his case. I couldn’t work and knew I needed help and wasn’t so sure where to begin so I called Balin Law.”

What challenges did you face that Balin Law helped you through?

paulette balin headshot“I heard it was going to be a challenge with the particular judge that was assigned to my case, but Ms. Balin found a loop hole about the criteria for finding someone disabled and the judge seemed really amused. The judge told us it was the first time for her ruling on this. The judge found my case ‘fully favorable.’ Ms. Balin was really amazing to work with.”

What was your overall experience with Balin Law like?

“My experience was great. There weren’t any problems. I didn’t really have to do too much as they pretty much handled everything. The only thing I had to do was inform them of any medical changes. I’d highly recommend them.”

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