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Steven R. Client Testimonial

Steven R. came to Balin Law as he was suffering from a variety of disabling conditions. He had been diagnosed with bulging discs causing his sciatic nerve to be pinched causing tremendous pain leaving him barely able to walk. Steven was also suffering mental health issues on top of the physical pain. Here is Steven’s testimony working with Balin Law.

wooden figure hunched over with back pain

What was your experience like working with Paulette Balin?

“I was actually really shocked because there were times when I was wanting to give up. I was getting denial after denial. Paulette just stuck to it and said, “Don’t give up.” I didn’t give up and neither did she and we won.”


What were some challenges faced that Paulette helped you through?

“First and foremost it was my finances. I wasn’t able to work and getting the benefits I need really alleviates the financial worry. Also, the stress level was lessened. I had an outrageous stress level, but with her support and telling me it’s going to be okay and just to hang in there, it helped tremendously.”


Name one word to describe your experience working with Paulette Balin.



If you or someone you know is suffering from sciatic nerve pain or mental health issues and is unable to do basic work-related tasks then call Balin Law today 866-492-2546