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Filing for Social Security Disability as a Veteran

Tens of thousands of Social Security disability claimants in need have come to Balin Law because of their experience in the Social Security disability field.


Mr. Luke, like many, came to Balin Law in need. He is one of our cherished and respected clients and is an Army Veteran. We got to know Mr. Luke and he gave us permission to share his story and experience filing for disability benefits.


United States Army Veteran holding US Flag

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Veteran Filing for Social Security Disability


Mr. Luke is a United States Veteran who found himself unable to work like he once could. He was looking at his options because he still had bills to pay, but his disabilities were catching up with him. 


Mr. Luke was in a lot of pain. He said, “I had issues with my back and hip that started to take a toll on me in 2014. I began to address these issues and my concerns at the VA hospital and went through an MRI. The doctors found that there were issues on both my left and right side of my hips, bulging discs in my lower back along with neuropathy.”


Mr. Luke was a driver for many years and found himself unable to get in and out of vehicles.


I was a driver for many years and couldn’t even get in and out of vehicles because the pain was so bad.”


Hiring experienced Social Security disability lawyers


Mr. Luke’s friend had worked with Balin Law and had a good experience so he decided to contact us.


We asked about his experience working with Paulette Balin and Balin Law. Mr. Luke’s responded, “I loved working with Paulette! She is so professional. [Balin Law] put me in the back seat of the car and drove me through the whole process. They made it simple for me and made my life easier. Balin Law helped me with patience and tolerance and told me to trust the process. The outcome was beautiful. The judge ruled a fully favorable decision on my case!” 


We asked what Mr. Luke’s favorite part was working with Balin Law. He said, “Everything [Balin Law] suggested was in my best interest. They were great about my documentation and following up with everything and they just always had great advice for me. I so appreciate Balin Law working with me…they were more than advisors and advocates for me…they became my friends.”


Social Security Disability for Veterans


Are you a Veteran unable to work like you once could? There are many options to help you if you’ve served in the U.S. military. In some scenarios, the Social Security Administration may be able to expedite your Social Security disability case. Additionally, some Veterans may qualify for both VA and Social Security disability benefits.


Social Security Disability Lawyers for Veterans


Many claimants who file the first time are denied disability benefits. This denial rate is especially higher if claimants file on their own. If you’re an Army Veteran and are considering filing for disability benefits, or have been denied, contact Balin Law. Since 1980, we’ve helped tens of thousands of claimants get the disability benefits they deserve. Don’t wait. Get your free consultation today!