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Barbara C., Balin Law Client Testimonial

Barbara came to Balin Law as she was unable to work like she once could. Barbara suffers from an array of disabilities like anxiety, paranoia, and a lot of physical pain. Here is Barbara’s story filing for Social Security disability benefits:


Why did you file for Social Security Disability benefits?

“I had a lot of physical pain and mental health issues due to anxiety and paranoia and had a difficult time speaking for myself. I’d been filing claims for 10 years with appeals–a case manager said the Social Security Administration isn’t handing out settlements like they used to anymore and so I panicked. My case got handed over to Matthew Shupe at Balin Law, and he cracked it for me right away.”


What was your experience working with Balin Law?

“Balin Law is very competent and stuck by me, encouraged me, and believed in my case. This process has been a very long one, but Balin Law cracked it for me. I originally went to court and filed by myself. I was denied and then sought an attorney. In the beginning before I hired Balin Law, it was very frustrating. It felt like I was like trying to get into an exclusive club. Once I started working with Balin Law, they put everything in place for me and did all of the hard work.
Matt Shupe Social Security disability lawyerI met with my lawyer, Matthew Shupe a few months ago. Matt worked very hard on my case and Heather, a Case Manager at Balin Law, did a lot of work and I appreciate all of her dedication as well.”

What was the outcome of your Social Security disability case?

“The outcome was favorable! A win! I’m in a much better position than I was yesterday and it’s a relief knowing I don’t have to keep going back to court and reapplying once denied. I am so thankful.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“Balin Law helped me throughout the whole process. They helped me with my doctors, my medical reports, putting my medical reports together, examining the reports, and talking to the judge about my condition–as you can see, they followed through with everything. Moreover, Balin Law kept me informed throughout the whole process, they were very efficient and very helpful. I finally won and I am so thankful for Balin Law!”

Are you suffering from mental health issues?

If you’re suffering from mental health issues that are preventing you from working like you once could, call the experienced Social Security disability lawyers at Balin Law today. 866-492-2546