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Frances S., Balin Law Client Testimonial

“Right away upon speaking to Balin Law I felt a sense of relief. They used language that I could understand, I felt reassured and confident that they would treat me and my case with the utmost care and professionalism. My questions were answered patiently and with care. I had such dread of the process in applying for Disability, but Balin Law took care of every detail. I cannot even express how smooth and worry free they took me through the process. I would say to anyone who may be considering applying for disability…Just call Balin Law!!


My case was approved and is now complete, I am thankful for the experience…Thanks to Balin Law. Adella, who was my specific case manager at Balin Law, was the perfect liaison between me and the whole process. If there was gobbledygook in that process I didn’t notice because she kept me informed along each step of the way with no surprises, just professionalism, reassurance and just being there. Thank you Adella!


Just saying thank you seems not enough, but from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your dedication, time, and hard work in handling my case…God Bless You Balin Law!”- Frances S.