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Federal Appeals Client Experience: Jason R.

“I was first denied in 2008 for Social Security disability and decided to contact Balin Law’s office. Balin Law started off with the Appeals process and it was initially denied. Balin Law believed in my case and directed me to file again in 2009, but unfortunately, I was denied again. In 2011, a Balin Law attorney took on my case as he truly believed in it and took it to the Federal Appeals Court and we won!

My case was then taken for review and I had my video hearing in December of 2015, which proved my case and we won. Balin Law worked tirelessly on my case and kept me updated with what was happening throughout the entire time I worked with them. I am so grateful to not only have won but for having a lawyer that believed in me and my case so much.”

-Jason R., Client of Balin Law