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Jason R., Balin Law Client

Denied Social Security Disability Benefits 3 Times

Like many disability claimants, Jason was denied Social Security disability benefits when he initially filed. Jason was confused as his doctor told him he was disabled, but the judge did not consider him disabled. Jason was stressed and decided he needed to hire an experienced disability attorney. Here is Jason’s journey filing for Social Security disability benefits and his experience hiring Balin Law:


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What was your experience like filing for disability benefits?

“I was first denied in 2008 and decided to contact Balin Law’s office after I was denied. I felt like I needed to have someone really experienced by my side. Balin Law started off with the Appeals process and it was initially denied. Balin Law believed in my case and directed me to file again in 2009, but unfortunately, I was denied again.


In 2011, another lawyer at Balin Law took on my case. This lawyer truly believed in my case and told me not to give up. He took my case to the Federal Appeals Court and we won! I didn’t want to give up because I knew I was disabled. I knew I couldn’t work like I used to and Balin Law was with me every step of the way.


A few years went by and my case that was won by Balin Law was now being taken for review. I had my video hearing in December of 2015, which proved me to still be disabled and we won. Balin Law worked tirelessly on my case. They kept me up to date with what was happening throughout the entire time I worked with them. I am so grateful to not only have won, but for having a law firm that believed in me and my case so much.” -Jason R.


Have you been denied Social Security disability benefits three times or more?

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