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Bruce’s Review of Balin Law

Bruce had gotten sick in October of 2015 and was hospitalized for a period of time. After becoming sick, he felt he could not go back to work because of ongoing physical problems. Bruce had private disability insurance but was not sure how to navigate the disability process. Bruce’s physician recommended speaking to Balin Law about the disability process as disability cases are their specialty. Here is Bruce’s experience working with Balin Law:


What was your experience like working with Balin Law?

“I came in for an initial free consultation. The staff was very pleasant and very informative. I didn’t think I had much of a chance proving disability unless I had an attorney by my side that understood what the Social Security Administration was looking for in terms of disability requirements. Balin Law explained to me the disability process along with a timeline for expectations. I followed Balin Law’s advice on the things they told me. The Social Security Administration kept asking for more proof, so with Balin Law’s expertise and knowledge in disability, we were able to prove disability.


Balin Law is very knowledgeable in the inner workings of Social Security Disability and its procedures. Balin Law knew what to look for, and knew who and what would help me prove my case. They are very straight forward and knowledgeable in what they do.” – Bruce, Balin Law Client