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Lorrie’s Review of Balin Law

Unable to Work

Several years ago, Lorrie got into a bad car accident in which she broke her neck and fractured her shoulder. She had neck surgery and the neck plate held in place beautifully. She went to physical therapy and thought she could go back to work, but discovered there were more issues in her bones. Years later, Lorrie kept falling to the ground and found out that a plate in her neck had shifted and needed neck surgery again. Unfortunately, she was not able to go back to work in her condition. Here is Lorrie’s review and experience working with Balin Law:


Lorrie’s Review of Balin Law

“When I knew I was disabled, I initially hired another Social Security Disability attorney, but I wasn’t happy with him. My previous disability attorney did not pay much attention to my case and I felt there was no correspondence or direct communication with my previous attorney. Because I was not satisfied, I decided to look for a new disability attorney and a retired doctor referred Matthew Shupe to me.


Matthew is a very caring person and he genuinely cares about the people he’s representing. I’m not just saying this because he helped me win my disability case, but I say this just from one human being to another; Matthew genuinely cares. He helped win my case after he took it to be appealed and he was always communicative with me. Most of all, he made me feel comfortable. At the time I was filing for disability, it was a very difficult time in my life; my husband was home with cancer and my daughter was dealing with Crohn’s Disease. Matt always had a positive, comfortable energy, which was what I needed at the time. He and Balin Law went far above my expectations.


For anyone looking to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer, I would recommend you work with Balin Law. I felt that they are very experienced in what they do. They know the ins and outs and the right questions to ask to stay on top of things that are disability related. My occupation was in nursing, so I know a lot about medical records and let me tell you, Balin Law knows how to handle medical records. I was actually impressed they knew as much as they did about medical records. They are just phenomenal at what they specialize in, which is Social Security Disability.”


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