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Lenore’s Review of Balin Law

Lenore worked several years in the field of counseling and unfortunately ended up developing a lot of mental health issues given the challenging nature of her work. As Lenore got older on top of developing mental health issues, she started having other bodily ailments from knee pain to an eating disorder. Lenore is a tough cookie and tried to go back to work but just wasn’t able to. Lenore had to accept the fact that she couldn’t go back to work and realized she needed to take care of herself. Here is what Lenore has to say about Balin Law.

Lenore’s Review of Balin Law

“I had a great experience with Balin Law and was able to get all of the help I needed. The process was very easy; I went in for the free consultation and everyone was very friendly. I dealt directly with the Mentor office and worked with Matthew Shupe. Matthew was the best- I suffer from anxiety and Agoraphobia and he made everything easy to understand and was very patient with me. He was communicative throughout the whole process and guided me every step of the way, even when I had doubts, he comforted me.

I had heard good things about Balin Law’s Social Security Disability firm from Signature Health, a renowned recovery service organization, and so I decided to give them a call. I also liked that Balin Law had so many locations throughout Northern Ohio so their help was also close to where I lived. It was clear that my case felt important to Balin Law as they were quick to get my paperwork in and truly understood my disabilities. 

Ultimately, Matthew Shupe and Balin Law are the best. They made me feel so comfortable and I’m so grateful to him and the entire team. They are just the best and I have already referred some friends to Balin Law because of my most positive experience with them.”


If you are suffering from mental health issues, body pain or an eating disorder and are unable to do the work you once could, call Balin Law today 866-492-2546