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Client Stories: Donna C.

Posted on June 8, 2015
When Donna C. thought about filing for Social Security disability, the first law firm she went to refused to take her case, believing the case would be too difficult to win. Donna then sought out Balin Law, whose attorneys never shy away from a challenge. Balin Law helped Donna file for Social Security disability in 2012. Donna felt like for the first time she had an advocate by her side.

Donna’s experience hiring Balin Law
“Even filing when I did, I didn’t get a hearing until July 2014,” Donna said. “By the time we finally went in, I had 1,200 pages of doctor’s vvtes to give the judge. It was so much information that she couldn’t possibly make a decision, but she was very nice about it. She reviewed what she could, but ultimately we had to schedule another hearing and bring in an expert in the medical field to review these notes.”

The next hearing was scheduled for January 2, 2015. The physician that the Social Security Administration called as a subject matter expert gave what testimony he could, but after failing to answer several questions and requesting to get off the phone multiple times, Balin Law pressed the physician on his medical credentials. The physician revealed he graduated medical school in 1950 and hadn’t seen a patient in 14 years. After revealing his medical license had been revoked in the past, the judge struck the physician’s testimony from the record.

“At that point, the judge actually apologized to me,” Donna said. “Then Balin Law’s attorney asked me to go wait in the other room. He said we would either have another hearing or the judge would issue a ruling on my case.”

Donna and Balin Law followed up with the court every month, but even when the case went from “hearing status” to “decision-making status,” Balin Law cautioned Donna that the judge may still call another hearing. Finally, on June 2, Donna’s disability claim was approved. She credited Balin Law with earning her a victory.

“Balin Law is really very nice, very personable,” Donna said. “They explained things well, were upfront, always honest and straightforward with me. Balin Law has great attorneys and I’m incredibly grateful for their efforts.”