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Client Stories: Bill T.

Posted on April 27, 2015
When Balin Law client Bill T. first decided to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, he filed two claims and was turned down on both occasions. Despite Social Security’s denials, Bill said he knew he had a case and that Balin Law “looked like the right fit” for him.

“When I looked up Balin Law, I saw their office was in the same building as the Social Security office,” Bill said of Balin’s Akron office, just a few floors beneath the space where Social Security hearings are held. “To me, I thought they have to be legitimate or they wouldn’t have an office in the same building.”

Bill noticed that Mira Chopra, his attorney, quickly took an interest in his case and was able to review the available case material, understand its relevance to the case and use that information to secure a victory for Bill.

“She really knew was she was talking about,” said Bill, who won back pay for the time he initially filed onward. “I was totally happy and satisfied with my experience with Mira. She went in with me to the hearing and did an excellent job and I think she’s an excellent attorney.”

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