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Keith C., Balin Law Client

I first found out about Balin Law at a disability support group for Social Security Disability Insurance, where the firm’s owner, Paulette Balin, was presenting. After I heard Paulette speak and saw how aggressive she was and how she really fought for her clients, I knew Balin Law was the right choice for me. I went in and met with Paulette. I wasn’t sure at the beginning if it was all going to work, but eventually it became a good case. At the end of the case, Matt Shupe, an attorney at Balin Law, was there representing me. Matt really did a good job. At one point, we had an expert witness testify on my behalf. Matt was really asking some difficult questions and making them really prove the things that they were saying. He really fought for me. Balin Law followed my case through all the way and up to the federal level and won me a monthly income with back pay. I was really happy. If I didn’t choose Balin Law to represent me, I don’t think I would’ve won.