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Patty G., Balin Law Client

“Sometimes you get into an embarrassing situation where it’s hard to talk about why you need to file for disability, and Balin Law just makes you feel it’s okay, that no matter what the situation is, they’ll help you. Between my case, my husband’s case and my son’s case, I could talk about them all day. They treated all three of us with nothing but respect. Professionals, all of them.


They have a beautiful staff there. I had another non-disability case I was dealing with and called Balin first to see if they could recommend a lawyer for this particular subspecialty. I figured if anybody would know another good lawyer, it would be Balin. Their recommended has done a spectacular job. Not only did Balin take care of three disability cases, but they’re still taking care of us even after our case is done. They’re behind us 100 percent, which makes me feel good.” – Patty G., Balin Law Client