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Kim W. Client Review of Balin Law

Kim W. is a client of Balin Law. She experiences a myriad of disabling conditions including: lower back pain, two arthritic knees of which both required surgery, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), restless leg syndrome (RLS), fibromyalgia, cyclical vomiting syndrome (CVS), overactive bladder and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Here is her experience with the firm while she filed for Disability Benefits:

Why did you hire Balin Law?

“A friend of [attorney] Chad Delesk worked for my wife and he knows Chad and referred Chad to us. I had already been turned down and denied disability benefits two or three times, so our friend talked to Chad and I decided to work with Chad. Once Chad got on board  with my case, things started to roll. He’s so thorough, so smart and he keeps everything organized.”

What was your experience like with attorney Chad Delesk?

“Chad is a hard worker. He treated me so well and always answered my questions. He never brushed me off and always kept appointments he made with me. He’s just an excellent lawyer with a fantastic personality. He doesn’t make you feel bad and you can tell him anything.

Bottom line, ask for Chad if you’re looking for a disability lawyer. He’s so calm, he’s so relaxed, and he remembers things that we discussed months ago.”

If you’re suffering from any disabling conditions that prevent you from doing basic work-related tasks you once could do, Call Balin Law at 866-492-2546 today.