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Joseph M. Denied Disability


Joseph tried filing for disability benefits on his own several times. Unfortunately, each time he was denied. Procedurally, Joseph had a very complicated case. His disability insurance expired 7 months after he had filed his disability case, about 3 years ago in late 2013. He was under 50 years old at the time before his insurance filed. He was a hardworking man and delayed filing for disability for several years.

Joseph did not understand a lot of important details because the medical industry and the government use so much jargon, but the medical evidence was very strong for his case. In September 2016, Joseph’s case was continued to a supplemental hearing. The supplemental hearing involved his inability to use his left non-dominant hand and arm due to damaged tendons, bad back problems, depression and a host of other problems causing Joseph to not work like he once could. Here is Joseph’s experience hiring Balin Law:

Why did you file for disability benefits?

“I fell through a roof in 2009 and was unable to work. I tried to get disability myself for a few years and just kept getting denied over and over again. A friend of mine referred me to Paulette Balin. After hiring Balin Law, I was turned to attorney Mira Chopra. She kept me informed, told me how to present myself, what court was like, and helped me through the process BIG TIME. I couldn’t do it myself and Mira helped me through the disability process.”

What was your favorite part about working with Mira Chopra & Balin Law?

“There’s a ton of things. Mira’s personality, her willingness to help me, she went above and beyond her job, she was more than an attorney…I have chills thinking about it. Her kindness, her professionalism, the way she presented herself in court, she didn’t take any crap from anyone. She was awesome and just so great. More that I can describe in words.”

Any additional comments?

“If you need disability benefits, get an attorney and hire the Balin Law firm.”

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