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Buddy’s Review of Balin Law

Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease and Filing for Disability Benefits

crohn's disease

Buddy was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2012 and had emergency surgery in 2014. Unfortunately, he had nothing but complications after the surgery. Buddy became very anti-social and was having a very difficult time with simple, basic life tasks. He struggled with more ongoing medical problems and got to a place where he could no longer work in an efficient manner. Buddy’s employer requested him to go on a leave of absence hoping he could improve his health. Here is Buddy’s review of working with Balin Law:


What was your experience hiring Balin Law?

“I worked with Matthew Shupe and he is a great, great attorney. He wrote things down to where they are easily understood and for someone who doesn’t understand jargon of the law. He explained things very well and made it more comfortable for my hearing. Matt is just a great guy in general. He has a great personality and he didn’t even act like an attorney, but more of a friend.”


Any additional comments?

“Everyone at Balin Law from the beginning on throughout was great. They listened and understood me. Unfortunately, I had an eviction where I had to move out of the home I was living in and Balin Law did everything they could to speed up the disability process to make sure I wasn’t homeless. Everything fell together so well that there was a lot I didn’t need to worry about even with my circumstances and facing eviction. Everyone did their job well and participated to make sure things went smoothly for me and I won disability benefits pretty quickly.”


In some circumstances, some disability cases may be eligible for expedition. Call us today to get your questions answered about disability claims 866-492-2546